Unleashing the Power of Microservices with Dapr and Azure Container Apps

Building, deploying, and owning a single web application can be a challenge. Working with microservices only compounds all of your problems. With the game-changing combination of DAPR and Azure Container Apps, we can fortunately remove most of the pains associated with microservices.

  • Feb 12
    Hilton Sydney
    2 days
    08:00 - 16:00 UTC
    William Liebenberg
    1 890 AUD

This workshop is divided into two parts:

1. What is DAPR and how it helps microservices development

  • What is DAPR?
  • Using DAPR Building Blocks for microservice state persistence
  • Using DAPR Building Blocks for sync and async communication between microservices
  • Building and debugging microservices locally

2. How to run DAPR in Production with Azure Container Apps

  • Provision Infrastructure with Azure Bicep
  • Containerizing microservices with GitHub Actions
  • Deploying microservices with GitHub Actions
  • Implementing Observability

This workshop is suitable for Software Engineers experienced in almost any language (.NET, Python, Java, Go, Ruby etc.) as well as Platform Engineers. All you need is a basic knowledge of Microservice Development, a computer, and desire to lift your microservices development game!

Equipment and software requirements:

  • A computer - either Windows PC, macOS, or Linux
  • Visual Studio 2022 or VS Code or JetBrains Rider
  • .NET 8 or higher
  • Docker Desktop
  • REST client (Postman, Insomnia, etc.)
  • GitHub account
  • Azure Subscription
William Liebenberg
Solution Architect at SSW

William is a Solution Architect at SSW with a strong focus on building enterprise solutions on Azure and enjoys developing great software engineering practices for teams.

William is an active member of the Melbourne developer community where you can find him attending or presenting at user groups, hack days and conferences every time he has a chance!

Recently in his spare time William combined his passion for IoT and BBQing to build his own smoker that can track the temperature and doneness of his tasty treats.

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