Mastering Test Driven Development

TDD has strayed far from the original practice outlined by Kent Beck in his book "TDD By Example", losing much of the simplicity and power from this technique. Fallacies around TDD have created tests that are: fragile and break when we refactor; hard to understand when we return to them; expensive to write and even more expensive to maintain; seem like a chore or burden over the path to better code; do not act as documentation.

  • Nov 17
    Minneapolis Convention Center
    1 day
    16:00 - 23:00 UTC
    Ian Cooper
    600 USD

TDD's promises have been broken. This workshop fixes them.

We will try to reboot out understanding of TDD by looking at the key Fallacies that have taken Test-Driven Development of course, and explore a set of Principles that let us write good Developer Tests instead.

Attendees will write code, using strict rules for the TDD style to use, that will help us explore the prevalent, problematic approach to testing, and then learn how to replace it with an alternative based on the foundational ideas from the origins of TDD.

At the end of the workshop, attendees should be able to take away a clear set of guidelines as to how they should be approaching TDD to be successful. By applying them, they will write less tests but with greater value.

This course is not an introduction to TDD - we assume attendees have practical experience of TDD . We welcome attendees who do not currently practice TDD because they have found the practice does not work for them, and hope to show to them why, and how they can make TDD a better tool for them

Ian Cooper
Coding architect

Polyglot Coding Architect in London, founder of #ldnug, speaker, tabletop gamer, geek. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded. The 'guv' on @BrighterCommand

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