Introduction to the C Programming Language

Introduction to the C programming language, the C standard library, and C11 to C2X standards. No previous experience with C is required.

  • Feb 7
    4 days
    08:00 - 16:00 UTC
    Slobodan Dmitrovic
    900 USD

Day 1
• Introduction
• Types and Declarations
• Operators and Expressions
• Statements
• Selection Statements
• Iteration Statements
• Arrays
• Pointers
• Functions
• The const Qualifier
• Enumerations
• Function Pointers
• Preprocessor
• Conditional Compilation
• Built-in Macros
• Function-like Macros
• Q&A and Exercises

Day 2
• Structures
• Introduction
• Initialization
• Member Access Operator
• Copying Structures
• Pointers to Structures
• Self-Referencing Structures
• Structures as Function Arguments
• Unions
• Typedef
• Conditional Expression
• Dynamic Memory Allocation
• malloc
• calloc
• realloc
• Storage and Scope
• Q&A and Exercises

Day 3
• Standard Input and Output
• File Input and Output
• Header and Source Files
• The C Standard Library
• String Manipulation
• Memory Manipulation Functions
• Mathematical Functions
• String Conversion Functions
• Time and Date
• Linkage
• Bitwise Operators
• Q&A and Exercises

Day 4
• Dos and Don’t’s
• Do Not Use the gets Function
• Initialize Variables Before Using Them
• Do Not Read Out of Bounds
• Do Not Free the Allocated Memory Twice
• Do Not Cast the Result of malloc
• Do Not Overflow a Signed Integer
• Cast a Pointer to void* When Printing Through printf
• Do Not Divide by Zero
• Where to Use Pointers?
• Prefer Functions to Function-Like Macros
• static Global Names
• What to Put in Header Files?
• C 11 Standard
• Static_assert
• The _Noreturn Function Specifier
• Type Generic Macros Using _Generic
• The _Alignof Operator
• The _Alignas Specifier
• Anonymous Structures and Unions
• Aligned Memory Allocation: aligned_alloc
• Unicode Support for UTF-16 and UTF-32
• Bounds-Checking Functions
• C2X Standard
• Static_assert Without a Message
• Attributes
• No Parameters Function Declaration
• The strdup Function
• The memccpy Function
• Q&A and Exercises

Slobodan Dmitrovic
Software Development Consultant and Trainer

Slobodan Dmitrović is a software consultant, and C and C++ trainer. He is the author of two introductory books on C and C++. Slobodan has been working as a professional R&D software for more than two decades. He is also an experienced speaker at numerous C++ conferences.

Slobodan's ability to clearly explain complex topics and provide insightful training made him a sought-after consultant for the automotive, and telecommunications industries. Slobodan specializes in software architecture, training and research and development.

  • This workshop is 4 full days. 7-10 February.
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